As the 2016 season comes to a close, we see ourselves at one of our favorite weekends - the annual SOAR Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner – now in its sixth season. This is an amazing turkey dinner with all the trimmings for 200 plus racers and families If you have never attended this amazing event - you’re in for a real treat.  I have provided all the turkeys and I have started the traditional Facebook group post allowing you to add what you’re planning to contribute to the feast.  Please have a look and see what others are bringing so we can ensure we don’t have much duplication.  Don’t forget to add your contribution to the list.  Thanks in advance for participating in this amazing night! 

The racing will no doubt be intense as many championships are on the line and up for grabs. I have already ordered stunning summer-like weather for the final round. As this is the final SOAR round for the 2016 season, it will have to hold you over till spring as it is also the final race weekend of any eastern race series.

For those who ordered a transponder, they will be available for pick up at registration.

Unfortunately, I have a family emergency and will be away with limited time for pre-administrative work before this round, so I have enlisted some help with pre-registrations (thanks O’Hara’s). So please, please get them in early.  Just because the cut off is Tuesday September 27th at 8pm, doesn’t mean you have to wait until the final day/hours to send it in. There will be no leniency on this rounds deadline.  So enter early!

The schedule for Round Six has now been posted.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the track.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Seems like we just finished round four……..wait we did. The next round is just around the corner. The battles are getting intense for the 2016 championships. Last round saw some of the best racing of the year and I expect the next two rounds to get better and better as the season winds down.

As requested and promised I spoke with MyLaps and secured a second order of X2 transponders at the same price as the original order. They are $180 plus tax CAD. They must be ordered and prepaid by Sept 14th. The order will be placed on the 15th and transponders available for the final round in Oct. Please note that I will NOT be doing another order. After this any rider wishing to purchase will have to do it directly. So please email info@SOARacing.ca with your request.

I want to apologize for the quick succession of rounds 4-6.  There are many factors that surround this decision.  First we tried to not interfere with VRRA and CSBK in August leaving our round to near the end of the month. Second it was either early in Sept or late in month as that’s what dates were available. At this time of year, the earlier the better, as our chances at good weather are better.  October is our nemesis month so once again it was simply better early rather than late.

I realize that the schedule is tight, but look at it this way, you have all off season to recover.

I look forward to seeing all of you at Round Five.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director

Don’t forget, pre-registrations must be received by Tuesday, September 6, 2016 no later than 8pm to quality for pre-registration pricing.  Visit Round Five Information and Download the Schedule of Events


Time to start the second half of the 2016 season, which brings us to a rider favourite - the Screaming Alien.  This layout is an equalizer for the smaller machines.  During the final few rounds, the racing action will sure to be spectacular, with leaders trying to pull away for the run to the championship. No easy feat as the rest of the field will be on their heels, reeling them in, hopefully taking all important points.

So far in 2016 we have enjoyed large grids, for the most part stellar weather, the introduction of the SuperMoto class – a crowd favourite, introduction of the MyLaps Timing system – even the pit bike race went off without a hitch.  All of this, not to mention some AMAZING racing.  Please come out and keep the momentum going for Round Four.

We still have a limited number of MyLaps X2 transponders available. They come with a one year subscription. The price is $180 plus tax until they are gone. If you want to pre-order one, please forward an email to info@soaracing.ca.  I can send the transponder number allowing you to pre-register it so all you need is an activation which can be done at registration in a few minutes.

Don’t forget, preregistrations must be received by Tuesday, August 23, 2016 no later than 8pm to quality for pre-registration pricing.  Round Four Schedule of Events has also been posted

I am looking forward to another great round of racing.

See you all at the track!

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Once again SOAR celebrates the lives of past SOAR principals. We started SOAR in 2008 with our first race taking place in 2009.  In July, that same year, we lost Steve Shreeve. Steve was an original principal and catalyst in the starting of SOAR.

Two years ago we also said goodbye to our starter Jeff Waller. Jeff was not just the starter, he was also one of the originals in the forming of SOAR, and my friend for decades.

Every year during the July round, we honor these men and remember the other SOAR family members that have left us too soon by hosting a huge party and fun, themed race. On Saturday evening, SOAR will be hosting our traditional BBQ with the amazing chef JP Dillon on the grill. After that is a night of dancing to the sounds of The Rebneys. This is SOARs own Tyler (Baby Jesus) Wilson’s band. Tyler was also close with both Steve and Jeff, so this is especially meaningful. We hope everyone will come and join us. We will break bread, wash it down with a Coors Light, and no doubt laugh a lot, even while shedding a tear or two.

Keeping with tradition we will be holding the 7th Annual Steve Sheeve Memorial Speed Challenge on Sunday at lunchtime. This is a sight to behold with costumed racers competing in a pit bike race. This may be the final season in its current state. Considerations are being given to altering the challenge in 2017, but more on that later.

This round is Reverse Technical, and a racer and spectator favourite!

We are also introducing our brand new AMB X2 Timing System http://www.mylaps.com/en/x2  As you all know, we have shied away from this style of timing because of the transponder costs/associated workload for our staff, preferring the RFID system. That said, the original RFID system used up until a few years ago, died, when that company was bought out and support ended. The second customized RFID software has failed to meet our expectations, even after pouring in thousands of dollars with the purchase of state of the art hardware and custom software design.  Although the decision to discontinue this project was difficult, as we would like to see it through to completion, realistically, we don’t want to keep investing in unknowns.  This decision didn’t come lightly, and while I appreciate that there may be some against us doing this, due to costs, we have done our best to keep your financial hit to a minimum. In the end, the decision was to move forward with an industry standard system, which will help lift some workload from our staff.

I have negotiated a great deal with AMB for a bulk buy of the brand new X2 transponders.  We will have 100 on hand.  http://www.mylaps.com/en/products/x2-transponder-bike/1623  They will be available to rent for $50/weekend or purchased outright for $160 to SOAR licensed racers. This is a onetime deal and is priced way below market value. AMB also offers an optional online subscription.  It’s my understanding that this offers a rider a series of benefits/stats/ graph overlays/history etc. Please contact AMB directly regarding those details.  The subscription is optional.
Please have patience while our staff gets up to speed with the system/software etc. We will proceed as fast as we can with it. It is our intention to integrate the live timing capabilities, once the system is up and running.

With the addition of the AMB system, we will also have our new digital countdown timer installed in the pit area for our endurance race (hopefully this is the right one this time).

As a reminder, all pre-registrations must be in no later than 8pm, Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Your pre-registration must be paid in full in order to quality.  Round Three Schedule has been posted.

SOAR continues to move forward and is committed into investing in our sport.
Please come out and join us for this awesome round.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Canada’s largest bike racing weekend is upon us. SOAR in conjunction with Grand Bend Motorplex will hold this event June 17th through 19th and is not to be missed. While SOAR is hosting a full slate of road racing including the new in 2016 Supermoto class on the Modified road course, there is also a full weekend of motorcycle drag racing on the strip including the thundering Nitro Harleys - a spectacle that must be seen.

This weekend will attract thousands of race fans from across Canada and the northern states.

That being said, pit space is at a premium as we need to share with our drag race brothers. So I must ask EVERYONE attending to conserve pit space and use the smallest pit area as possible. NO TOW VEHICLES or crew/spectator vehicles to be parked in paved pit area. There is plenty of parking in the lawns a short stroll from your pits for these vehicles. Please park at right angles to fence line as well as grassed area - NOT parallel to them. Where possible, park your trailer in grass so you can pit at end of it rather than beside it. We can also run pits down the middle of the paved area, where they can be lined up back to back. We also have the stock car pits to use and the joining gate will be open all weekend. If pitted along pit in/out road your entire pits MUST be off the pavement. All areas of pits must have adequate lanes to allow access for crash wagon as well as medical.

Please adhere to these one round requests and be respectful to your fellow competitors. We will ask you to move if you are not.  The schedule for Round Two is now posted.  Don’t forget that pre-registration closes on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 8pm.

I look forward to welcoming everyone to the all bike weekend in Grand Bend.

See you at the races.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


The time has come.  Round One of the 2016 SOAR Superbike Series is upon us - May 27th-29th. This is our only long track event of the season so ensure you don’t miss it.  The schedule for Round One has been posted.

This season we have added a Supermoto class to the schedule and there are many racers looking forward to trying it out the new Grand Bend Supermoto track. Special thanks to Paul Spriet and the Grand Bend staff for allowing us to build and use the supermoto track as part of SOAR events. Also thanks to Donovan Paige, Jenn Roth and the “Tards on Tards” for their valuable input and advice on its design. I am positive that this will be a premier (true) supermoto track as it boasts 70% pavement and 30% dirt – it will be something to behold.

Also returning this season is our growing Racer5 Endurance series. It was nice to see the big fields in 2015 and I look forward to even greater racing from our endurance teams. On that note, I recently purchased a large digital weatherproof endurance timer which should make for a better experience in the pits.

If you are registered for the SOAR race school on Friday, May 27, 2016, please check in at registration upon arrival and you will be given instructions onsite.   The school does not start until after the riders meeting.

Pre-entry rules remain in place so be sure to register ahead of time and save the rush at the track. Remember, all pre-entries must be RECEIVED no later than 8pm on the TUESDAY prior to the event weekend.  Late entries will be charged AT TRACK pricing.

Pre-entry payment has changed slightly due to our new payment processing system.  Please complete your race registration form (you will notice that there is no longer a section for your your credit card number) and submit it to info@soaracing.ca and we will issue you an invoice with instructions on how to pay through our secure, online ecommerce solution.  This is temporary until we launch our new site. 

Another note, if you chose to pre-register (which will save you time and money) we can now accept interact e-transfer.  In addition to Visa and MasterCard, we can also accept American Express and Discover Cards.  Due to this changeover, we will not be able to accept payments by debit at the track, so if you choose to pay at the trace, only cash and credit cards will be accepted.  We are anticipating to accept debit once again, later in the year.

I am looking forward to a stellar SOAR season and welcoming all to the track. 

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


SOAR 2016 Forms have now been posted. 

Renew your SOAR Race License by January 10, 2016 at 5:00pm and you will receive a free Friday practice for the 2016 season.  In addition, SOAR will reserve your race number until that time.  After January 10th at 5:00pm, your race number will be up for grabs.  Don’t wait and miss this great promotion!  Happy Racing!


Well the 2015 edition of the SOAR Superbike Series has come to an end and what an end it was. We had extremely close battles up to the last round with ties in two classes. Our grids were large all season. The custom timing system is finally up and running - albeit still in a beta stage, but is coming along nicely. Weather was almost perfect all season despite doom and gloom forecasts every round.

Now onto the first Ontario/Quebec Championship shootout. While this series was designed to allow for equal competition across multiple regional series, it hasn't been quite as successful as we would have hoped.  The eastern series has been a bit slower coming to the table. It was originally set up that a rider needed a certain number of points to be eligible to participate. The reality shows that few eastern series riders will qualify and fewer yet will likely participate.  It has been decided to forego the qualifying points and allow any licensed rider to come and participate. We will revisit this over the winter for the 2016 season. The layout for this round will be Reverse Technical.

So, what does this mean? It means that we will run all normal SOAR classes. The ones designated as championship classes will remain so. The rest will be trophy dashes with no SOAR points with the exception of the Racer5 Endurance Series which was always schedule to be a six-round series.  Visit our results page to view this year’s champions and current point standings.

Please come out and enjoy our last event of 2015. Don't forget that's it is also our annual Thanksgiving Pot Luck Feast. For any who have not witnessed it, it’s a turkey dinner with all the trimmings for two hundred. This alone is worth the trip.  Our Facebook page has the Potluck Food List already started – please contribute by putting your items down on the list.  Visit our schedule page to view the weekends events.

I am humbled by the support shown to our series. It has come a long way in the seven years we have been in operation. This is 100% fuelled by the people in it, our sponsors and a great group of SOAR staff members that have supported it since the beginning. Please come out and celebrate with The SOAR Family - one last time in 2015.

Reminder:  Pre-registration closes at 8pm on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.

Ken McAdam
SOAR  Director


We are now coming to the penultimate SOAR Superbike Series 2015 season. Its time for racers to challenge their position, defend a position and earn enough points for an invite to the first ever Ontario/Quebec Motorcycle Road race Championship being held in October at Grand Bend Motorplex.

So far this season, SOAR has been blessed with fine weather and good turnouts at the first three rounds. I have a request into Environment Canada to continue their great work keeping our riders dry.

Pre-registration deadline is Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 8:00pm.  You must get a confirmation.  Round Four Schedule of Events is now posted.

Come enjoy the races and the beach at Canada's safest racetrack. See you all there.


SOAR Superbike Series started holding a memorial weekend to remember those people responsible for helping with our formation. In 2008 a small group of former racers and friends met in my living room and during discussion of racing times gone by, decided that we could do it better and decided to give it a try. One of these people was my friend and teammate Steve Shreeve. Unfortunately we lost Steve at our second ever round July 2009 at TMP. As a group it was decided that we would honour his memory every July and our Memorial Round was born. Steve was a real character and the weekend was all about fun and celebration.

Unfortunately last July we lost another one of our founders in Jeff Waller.  Jeff was critical in SOAR's success and will always be part of SOAR, loved and missed by all he touched.

The 2015 edition of the Memorial Round is upon us and we hope you and your family can come and join in the celebration of two of our founding members. There will be a free bbq and live band featuring the Checkerboard Floors with our own Tyler Wilson on Saturday night. As always we will have our costumed pit bike race Sunday at lunchtime. Anyone who has ever witnessed this spectacle will attest that it is something to behold and not to be missed. Everyone is invited to participate.
Along with all the fun off track, we are hosting Round 3 and our first reverse round of the 2015 season. This season has been shaping up into close fights in many classes and as the year enters the half way mark,  points are become more critical and the racing more intense. New classes are growing and with the Ontario/Quebec Provincial Championship Runoffs just a few rounds away, all the racers are intent on accumulating the points required for qualification - guaranteeing a big show for the fans.

What’s better than motorcycle racing at Canada's safest race track - Grand Bend Motorplex- built at one of Ontario's premier beach resort towns in July?.....absolutely NOTHING!

Round Three info and schedule of events is now posted.  See you at the track.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Thanks to all who came out for Round Two of the IBEW Local 120 SOAR Superbike Series.  Special thanks to IBEW Local 120 for sponsoring a GREAT weekend! 

Round Two Results have been posted and Point Standings have been updated


CANADA'S Largest Motorcycle racing event is here!!!!!  June 19-21 at Grand Bend Motorplex. This is the one event that is not-to-be missed if you are a motorcycle fan.

SOAR Superbike Series sponsored this weekend by IBEW Local 120, heads out on the Modified layout for Round #2 with a full line-up of exciting classes including the three-hour endurance race. All of this, while simultaneously, on the drag strip, motorcycle drag racers show the crowd the explosive sport known as drag racing. Saturday the all-brand Summer Sizzler event will take place and then on Sunday, the "Harleys by the Beach" including the Nitro Harleys.

SOAR competitors please note the paddock map. It is posted on the Round Two Schedule Page.  As this weekend draws in huge crowds and due to the high volume of drag racers, it is imperative that we set up our pit area to maximize the space available.

PLEASE park nose in against the fence or grass. Nobody is to be parallel on outside edges only up the middle back-to-back. We WILL move you if you ignore this policy. It's only courteous to your fellow competitors. Also if you are just supporting a racer and not racing, please find a spot in the grass and do not take up paved paddock. All tow vehicles will be parked in grass area adjacent to the pits NOT ON PAVED PITS. Please leave space around pits to pass crash rig and ambulance. The map is only for pits that are on or attached to pavement.  There are 85 spots on pavement, 9 on grass with access on pavement, 13 gravel with access on pavement. If you are ok to pit on grassy area or gravel please feel free to pit there.

So, that being said, get your pre-entries in now.  Deadline for pre-registration is Tuesday, June 16th at 8pm.  You must have a confirmation of pre-registration.  If you don't receive a confirmation, then you did not pre-register.  All confirmations are sent via email.

See you all at the track!

Ken McAdam, Director


Round One of the SOAR SuperBike Series is just over a week away! 

The schedule of events for Round One is now posted. Ensure you read the information posted there before heading out.

Don’t forget that in order to get pre-registration pricing, you must submit your registration form with payment before Tuesday, May, 2015 (no exceptions).

Visit the registration page to download your forms.

See you at the track!


SOAR Practice Day is just over a week away!  Register now.  Racers are welcome to use their free practice day for the weekend providing you register no later than Saturday, May 2, 2015.  Once registered with your free practice, it cannot be cancelled.  Please be sure when you register.  If you choose not to use your Friday practice and want to pay for the weekend, please register through Grand Bend. 

Track configurations will be as follows:

Saturday, May 9, 2015 - Modified
Sunday, May 10, 2015 - AM - Technical,  PM Reverse Alien

To register for your free practice, please complete the Race Entry Form and click the free practice box.  All forms must be signed at the track.

See you at the track!


This just in!

SOAR will be hosting the first ever Ontario and Quebec Championship Runoffs.

This will be held at Grand Bend Motorplex on October 2-4. This is in conjunction with the annual SOAR Thanksgiving Pot Luck Feast so I guess we better pick up some extra turkeys.

This decision was made between RACE and SOAR as we already had a sixth round booked early in October and felt that this would prove to be the best chance for good weather for the finals. This means that the SOAR Superbike Series is now a five round series.

Riders accumulating 95 championship points will be invited to compete against the best from Ontario and Quebec in a one race runoff - winner take all championship. This is a new era in motorcycle road racing in Canada and hope to see a great turnout as we crown new champions and enjoy our traditional year end celebration.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


Time to renew your license for the SOAR 2015 season!

Once again there is incentive to do it early rather than later. This season if your license is purchased before the end of the Super Show (Jan 04, 2015 @ 5pm) you will receive a free practice day that can be used at any of our rounds this season.  This in itself makes the license cost almost free.  Also, don’t forget, in order to retain your current competition number it must be done by end of show, after that any number not renewed becomes open to others for the upcoming season.  We will be at the show on January 2-4, 2015 at booth 3604. If you are unable to make it to the show you can renew by downloading the forms from our website a http://www.soaracing.ca/html/forms.html and email them to info@soaracing.ca

As many of you are aware the grids for Round One are set by entry forms received (date/time based on first-come, first served). Every year some savvy racers enter Round One at the show and score prime grid spots. Some have said that they were not aware of the policy, so this serves as your official notice.

The Super Show will also serve as the spot for announcing some exciting changes coming to road racing in Ontario in 2015. I have had numerous conversations with Jean Gauthier (RACE owner) and we have a plan formed that we hope will change the playing field for years to come.  This alone is worth the price of admission to the show.

Finally, as everyone is aware we have languished without a timing and scoring system for the past couple years and to be honest since our inception, the Zoomius system never performed as promised. We started a few years ago developing a system of our own as none on the market was suitable, nor available for our use.  We hit a roadblock financially and were unable to purchase all the new hardware required.  I am pleased to say that we will be picking up where we left off on this project for 2015.  We are sure to experience issues along the way as we are designing and building the system ourselves, however our developer team and programmer are local and committed to coming to the track themselves and working with our staff to overcome anything we may encounter. With that announcement, I must thank our scoring people for all their efforts thus far.

Special thanks to all of our racers for understanding and continuing to support SOAR and allowing us to recover.
See you all at the show.

Ken McAdam


Wow! 2014 season is almost done.

Have your ever seen a turkey dinner for hundreds of people? This is your opportunity!

Round Six is the not to miss event as we are getting ready for our 4th Annual SOAR Thanksgiving Pot Luck on Saturday, October 4th.  Checkout our Facebook Group as everyone is posting what yummy food they are contributing.  Not only that, we will even be doing some motorcycle racing!

The schedule is posted and there is a few changes to help Open Sprint conflicts so please have a look and see what's happening.  Many championships are very close so the last round should be a barn burner with some exciting racing. Last chance for racing in Ontario until spring 2015.

Please get your pre-entries in early!  We must receive your entry by Tuesday, September 30, 2014 by 8pm.  Make sure you receive your confirmation.

See you at the track!

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Today we lost Jeff Waller. My friend and a huge part of SOAR, I have known Jeff for many years and have never known a more loyal big hearted person. Many of you knew Jeff was ill and suffering. He leaves his wife Michaela and son Griffin I will forward info as I receive it.

Goodbye Big Zipper I will always remember and miss you my friend. K. McAdam

Jeff WallerIt is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jeffrey Waller on Sunday July 6th, 2014 at the age of 49. Jeff is survived by his loving wife Michaela Waller of Oshawa. Loving Dad of Griffin. Jeff is mourned by his parents Joe and Dianne Waller his brother Joe Jr and his wife Loretta and his sister Elaine Waller. Uncle of Kennedy and Zelia.

Fondly remembered by Carol, Grant, Annushka,Vergus, Marcel and Uncle to Michael, Ayesha, Owen and Seth, lovingly remembered by many friends and extended family.

A celebration reception will be held at Barnes Memorial Funeral Home, 5295 Thickson Rd. N. Whitby on Thursday (July 10) from 1:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. Memories and stories will be shared at 2:00 p.m.

In memory of Jeff and in lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to the Griffin Family Trust by cheque or by email money transfers to griffinstrust@gmail.com or Hearth Place Cancer Center, Oshawa


The LARGEST all-bike weekend is upon us. It combines three days of SOAR road racing with two days of drag bikes on the strip including the Nitro Harleys. The weekend's events are expected to draw in huge crowds!

This year, SOAR racing is brought to you by The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

As this is a combined weekend, pit space is at a premium. We will have a smaller footprint in our regular pit area and it is imperative that we all work together to ensure that we make room for everyone. We will also have use of the oval track pit area to help with crowding.

That being said, ALL trailers/pit set up are to be angled on the outside edges, meaning perpendicular to pit direction. If you set up along fence/grass line you WILL be asked to move. Please be respectful to your fellow competitors and take as little space as you can

ALL tow/accessory vehicles are asked to be parked outside of paved pit areas. There is plenty of parking in the grass which is only a few steps away.

We can set up a back to back centre line down middle of pit lane. Please allow for crash vehicle passage down both sides.

Due to the large crowds expected please be mindful and watch your belongings and keep an eye out for each other.

PLEASE pre-register as soon as possible to avoid delays at the track.  All pre-entries must be received no later than 8pm on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 at 8:00pm.  Please note pre-entries must be accompanied with payment and you must have received an email  from SOAR confirming your pre-entry for it to be applicable.  The schedule will be posted shortly.

This event is not-to-be missed.  It is the first round of the first-ever combined SOAR/RACE Invitational.  I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


The first track riding of 2014 is in the books. It was a stellar weekend both in weather and the riding. Thank you to all riders that participated.

In 2014 Grand Bend and SOAR have combined the previous Thursday track day and the Friday practice days into ONE day being the Friday before each round. This season anyone wanting to participate on Friday MUST register with the track NOT SOAR. We are limited to 80 riders for Friday therefore pre registering is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. SOAR riders have priority up until ten days prior then the registration opens up to any trackday riders wishing to ride. SOAR will do the organizing and operation of these days.  All administration and registrations will be done by Grand Bend Motorplex staff.

Last season during pre-registration we were having issues with people sending in forms and indicating payment at track. Then at the track would not turn up or would change the registration due to weather. We discount and encourage pre registering as it greatly reduces administration workload and time. Starting this season ALL pre registrations must be accompanied with payment or it will not be processed. If you do not wish to use a credit card, your forms can be mailed with a cheque. Please note that cut off dates still apply no matter which payment option you choose.

The SOAR Pre-Registration Policy is as follows:

SOAR Pre-Registration Policy

Pre-registration assists SOAR with administrative tasks and speeds up the registration process at our events.  We value our participant's commitment to our organization and as such, SOAR will offer all racers wishing to pre-register, a discounted rate.

In order to qualify, pre-registration forms must be accompanied with full payment. This can be in form of credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or posted cheque/money order. SOAR will confirm pre-registration either electronically or by telephone. All pre-registration forms/payments must be received by 8pm on the Tuesday before a scheduled race weekend.  Any entries not accompanied with payment will be assessed at the post-entry rate at the event.  If an entrant must withdraw before or at the event itself, please refer to the SOAR refund policy.

 SOAR Credit Policy

If registered for a SOAR event and a competitor is forced to withdraw, the following compensation may apply:
Registered and withdraws before 5 days from event start date - Full Credit
Registered and withdraws Friday – Credit less a $10.00 Administration Charge
Registered and withdraws during practice Saturday - 50% credit
Registered and withdraws after start of first race (qualifier) - No Credit
Withdrawal due to weather (actual or forecast) - No credit
All compensation must be requested in writing within 7 days AFTER the event (either email to info@SOARacing.ca or regular post) Refunds will be made at the discretion of SOAR.  A decision and written reply will then be forwarded and credit placed on file with registration for future use by the competitor at SOAR events. Credits are only available during current race season and do not transfer to the next season.  Credits are non-transferable and hold no cash value. SOAR reserves the right to change/cancel this policy at its discretion and provide written notice on this website as notification.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  “Dunlop Amateur Showdown” Winner of Combined SOAR and RACE Events Get CSBK National Support

Bowmanville, ON:  This Ontario motorcycle roadracing season, sanctioning groups SOAR and RACE are working together with a pair of Series race weekends.  SOAR is hosting the RACE group at Grand Bend Raceway on June 13-15, while RACE returns the favor by hosting SOAR racers at Shannonville Motorsport Park June 27-29.

As part of this co-operative group, Dunlop racing tire distributor Pro6 and the National Mopar CSBK organizing group have also joined up to provide a special bonus for Amateur Sport Bike class (approx 600cc) competitors.

A two round, points-paying Series will recognize the appropriate Sport Bike-type class races at the SOAR and RACE-hosted events,  determining the top rising star in that category.  The racer who achieves the best combined result from the two race “Dunlop Amateur Showdown” will receive a competition award sponsoring their entry for the final Amateur Sport Bike Mopar CSBK National rounds at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, August 15-17.

Dunlop distributor Pro6 and CSBK will supply competitor entry and racing tires to the winner of the “Dunlop Amateur Showdown” for the C.T.M.P. National weekend.  The entry will include both Saturday and Sunday Amateur Sport Bike double header rounds, with the successful Amateur competitor receiving a maximum of six Dunlop DOT-type, class appropriate racing tires for use during the three day event.

The winning competitor must not have held a Pro motorcycle roadracing License, nor can they have competed in more than two previous National races.  SOAR and RACE organizers will be the final judges of the “Dunlop Amateur Showdown”, and ensure that all competitors respect the structure and spirit of the bonus competition.

For more information, please check this website (soaracing.ca) and RACE Events (Shannonville.com) official web sites. 


Well the dates for the SOAR/RACE invitational races have now been determined. The details are being finalized and will be released when available. We are attempting to make the classes as seamless as possible. The dates are SOAR June 13-15  & RACE June 27-29.

So that brings the RACE riders into the biggest all bike weekend at Grand Bend . The RACE event leaves a couple weekend between our races so it should work for almost everyone.

Ken McAdam, SOAR Director

January 9, 2014


The 2014 Toronto International Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW announces new motorsport sponsorship program.
Toronto, Canada

The Toronto International Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW presented by Dalton Timmis Insurance, held at the International Centre March 15 - 16, is proud to announce new Motocross and road racer rider sponsorship programs.

The Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW along with industry partners  Ken McAdam from S.O.A.R, Colin Fraser from the CSBK and Paul Rogers of gtamotorcycle.com will team up to build the Road Racer Stars of Tomorrow program. Veterans Kyle Caruthers from DMX and Skip Pym from CMX will continue with the evolution of the successful MX Stars Showcase.
The SPRINGSHOW has been very successful generating huge attendance figures. Its pre-season timing is ideal for promoting motorsport. It’s is now time to take this strength and put it to good use. We will now profile and support amateur racers as a new focus to the Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW.  The SPRINGSHOW  will now provide sponsored booth space, introduce rider support programs from the motorcycle industry and create workshops and seminars to assist these up and coming riders on what it takes to generate sponsors, retain the sponsors and engage the public to promote the sport.

 MX Stars Showcase and Road Racer Stars of Tomorrow will be two separate exhibits featuring the Racers, their bikes, trophies and their unique creative displays

Participants will be selected by a resume submission process. These select riders will be able to provide their sponsors valuable exposure just before the season that otherwise would not be possible

Show Manager, Peter Derry comments, “As a co founder of the MX Stars of Tomorrow program, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable progress of the MX Stars racers. Now it’s time to take this proven formula and build the road racer program. It’s exciting to launch these new initiatives that will provide up and coming racers the valuable exposure for their sponsors and highlight the exciting realm of motorcycle racing”.

 This is a no-cost program, no fees to the racer participants or the companies that provide rider sponsorship initiatives to get on board. This is a 100% volunteer based effort, done for the love and greater good of the sport

We are presently gathering rider support programs from a number of industry companies.

The Toronto International Spring Motorcycle show was established in 1988 as a small show to meet the demand of motorcyclists making important decisions as they enter their riding season. 24 years later, it is now the largest Spring Motorcycle show in Canada offering outstanding performance to exhibitors and consumers alike

For information on the Toronto International Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW, presented by Dalton Timmis Insurance, to become a rider support company, purchase admission tickets, or to be an exhibitor at the show, please visit www.motorcyclespringshow.com

Peter Derry
Toronto International Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW
52 Shieldmark Cres.
Thornhill, ON L3T 3T5 Canada
905 771-0132


The 2014 Schedule of Events is finally here.  SOAR is now entering its 6th season.  We have together built a race series that goes beyond just racing.  We have emerged as a large group of like-minded people who choose to share 7 weekends during the year doing what we love on track and celebrating with friends off-track.

I have spoken with Chris Chappelle at RACE and sent him our schedule a few weeks ago.  They have expressed that there is interest in working together to build stronger road race events in Ontario.  I have requested a meeting to discuss this goal and hope to have an update soon. 

We have high hopes regarding the new Fort Erie track and will send a message offering our assistance in making the facility a bike safe venue.  As we have seen in the past with GBM, it’s much easier to design it right at the start than try and fix issues after they are designed and built.

In 2014 SOAR and GBM will combine the current GBM Thursday trackday and the SOAR Friday Practice into a single day being held on Friday for our events.  Due to this change the previous early license specials that allow a free Friday practice will be replaced with a free first class entry.

I am hopeful that this season we will be in a position to complete our timing system and can utilize the software that we have been developing over the past year. 

I am currently working on the banquet and at this time its looking like January in Brampton - details to follow.  Anyone with a trophy from last year pleae return it ASAP as we need to prepare for the 2013 trophies.

There will be some changes in how we operate in 2014 and these will be presented as the details become available.

I am looking forward to seeing you all for the 2014 SOAR Superbike Series.

Ken MacAdam, SOAR Director

Well what can be said for round five? Friday evening saw some of the worst rain I have ever seen since driving back from Florida through hurricane Hugo! We woke Saturday morning to a lake where turn three used to be. Thanks to the Grand Bend Motorplex Team for their hard work and industrial water moving equipment who moved literally thousands of gallons of water allowing us to run our schedule complete. We are so fortunate to race at Grand Bend.
After the flood we had some amazing races. Congratulations Jared "Nana" Braun on clinching the Novice Open Championship with one race in hand.
SOAR Round Six is just around the corner and with it the 3rd Annual SOAR Potluck Thanksgiving feast Saturday night. Anyone who has been will swear it's the not to be missed event of the season.  Think Turkey dinner with all the trimmings for the entire paddock, its insane and so much fun.
There will be championships settled season end goodbyes and planning for the 2014 season.
Please come out and join us and celebrate the end of an awesome 2013 SOAR Season. Don't forget to get your pre-entries in to take advantage of the cheaper entry prices.
See you there!
Ken McAdam
SOAR Director
SOAR Round Five - September 20-21-22, 2013
Message from the Director

As the SOAR 2013 season winds down we find ourselves at the only reverse direction round this year. With championship fights closer than ever, the racing will be outstanding!

Last round showed us that nobody has thrown in the towel with some of the best races of the year. We saw the largest field of Formula Femme riders in SOAR history and what a race it was. There were battles all the way through the field and it was the weekend event highlight for many who witnessed it. Looking forward to a repeat this round.
With the national and vintage series done for the season, we are looking forward to a great turnout. Come and enjoy SOAR 2013 Round Five - The Reverse Screaming Alien configuration at Canada's safest motorcycle road course Grand Bend Motorplex. The Schedule for Round Five has now been posted.

Weekend events start Thursday with the GBM track day hosted by Racer5. SOAR open practice with/On-Track participants take to the track Friday Sept 20th. Saturday brings a full slate of heat races setting the final grid positions for Sunday's finals along with Round Five of the SOAR Endurance Series, pitting team against team over three classes in a three hour test.  

Don't forget to pre-register. All entries for pre-registration must be received by midnight, Monday, September 16, 2013. It will be a weekend not to be missed.

As another reminder, SOAR Round Six is only two short weeks after Round Five. October 4-5 & 6 will see the final round of SOAR including our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck. As most of you know, our annual potluck feast features a huge buffet table containing amazing dishes contributed by our awesome SOAR racers, staff & volunteers. We are looking forward to this event once again. If you are able to contribute to the feast, let us know. We will be starting a list at registration.

On a sad note, one of our racers was seriously injured in accident near his home on Friday night.  On behalf of the SOAR staff and fellow racers, we send our best wishes to Daryl for a full recovery and our thoughts are with him and his family. 

We look forward to seeing you at Round Five!

Ken McAdam


Results and Points from Round Three have now been posted.

What a great weekend! The 4th Annual Steve Shreeve Memorial weekend was a huge success.  Thank you to all that participated.

Round Four is just around the corner (three weeks). The clock is ticking as we are getting ready for the mid summer classic. Traditionally this is the turning point for the season where championships either take off or a new challenger comes into the mix and tightens the points chase. This is not the round to miss!
Round four takes place on one of the favourite configurations at Grand Bend Motorplex - The Screaming Alien.  This course was laid out in 2011 by SOAR staff and named by Drew Morrisey. It is a technical layout that rewards corner speed and technique over all out horsepower.
Don't forget that Grand Bend Raceway is in close proximity to one of Ontario's best beach towns, literally a five minute drive to the sandy shores offering a nice break at the end of the race day for the whole family.
Mark August 16-18 on your calendar and come join us for a great weekend of racing.  Don't forget to get your pre-entries in early. 
Ken McAdam, SOAR Director


We hope you are all ready to go for SOAR Round Three and our 4th Annual Steve Shreeve Memorial weekend featuring the Speed Challenge Pit Bike Race.  Round Three Schedule of Events has been posted.  Make sure you get your pre-entries in before Wednesday, July 24, 2013.  See you in Grand Bend!


The Schedule of Events for Round Two have now been posted.
Message from the Director
2013 season is in full swing and we find ourselves getting ready for SOAR Round Two. This brings us to the LARGEST motorcycle event in Canada – the Grand Bend All Bike Weekend.   Racer5 and GBM are teaming up for the Thursday and a full slate of SOAR Superbike racing Friday-Sunday on the road course including our three-hour Endurance Race on Saturday. Friday is an anything goes test and tune and 100mph club on the drag strip. While Saturday is the annual Hully Gully Summer Sizzler all make bike drags, Nitro Harley qualifying with the Rocky's Harleys by the beach and all Harley drags featuring the Nitro Harleys.
With this slate of events its not one you want to miss. GBM is expecting a huge crowd of spectators and the event traditionally sees large ride in crowds. GBM has informed me that this season we will have 24hr security. Due to the calibre and size, SOAR pits are restricted to the far end of the paddock.  This encompasses the area beyond the pit in/pit out . The gate leading to the stock car oval will be open and we are free to use that pit area as well. Last year we had issues where people not being considerate and claiming more than their share of pit area as well as blocking access areas for emergency vehicles. With that said PLEASE be respectful. Take pit areas only as large as required. In paved main pit areas there will be parking only at right angles to the fence line on either side.  If you wish to park inline then do so in centre with pits opposing each other (back to back). NO EXTRA VEHICLE PARKING IN PIT AREA. If you have a car/truck, it must be parked in grassy area adjacent to the pit area or in stock car compound. Only RV and canopies in the paved pit area. Any pit impeding the movement of emergency vehicles including crash truck/trailer will be asked to move, so please take a few minutes and think about your setup. You may want to arrive early for this event.
Please pre-register as this is expected to be a very busy weekend.
See you at the track!



Results from Round One have now been posted.  Point Standing will be updated shortly; however you can refer to the Round One results for current points.  Thanks to all racers and their crews who came out and made the 1st round of the season a success.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in June.

Thanks to the SOAR staff and their families, Marshals, EMS and the staff at Grand Bend.



The 2013 season is upon us and in less than two weeks we have our open practice weekend. This is a combined event organized together with our friends at Grand Bend Motorplex. For this reason there are limited spots open to track day riders (20/day ONLY) otherwise you must be a SOAR licensed rider to take part. Also because this is a combined event the free practice is not applicable for the practice weekend but will still be valid for use at any of our six rounds throughout the year.
Track day riders will be running in "red" group only - it will not be split into yellow and green so please keep this in mind when registering.
We will be running two configurations over the two days to give racers a chance to practice and set up machines for the different requirements at GBM.
SOAR will be handling registration for our racers while GBM will be taking care of the track day riders so please pre-register to take advantage of cheaper prices.  The practice day registration forms are now available.
See you all there!
Ken McAdam
SOAR Director


We have now secured a venue for our annual SOAR Banquet.  This year we have chosen the Tosca Banquet Hall in Oshawa Ontario, which is located at:
800 Champlain Avenue,Oshawa, ON  L1J 7A6
toscalogo  tosca 
Cocktail Hour will be start at 6:00 pm, followed by dinner at 7:00 pm. We will begin the awards ceremony at 8:00 pm.  Dinner will be a buffet style with the menu listed below:
Fresh Baked Buns & Whipped Butter 
Caesar Salad
Rigatoni Pasta in a Rose Sauce 
Chicken in a Mushroom Sauce
Roasted Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables
A Selection of Cookies
Cash Bar
Group rates are available at the Travel Lodge at 940 Champlain Ave, which is within walking distance to the Tosca Banquet Hall. For reservations contact 1-888-484-6045, and ask for the SOAR group rate.
  travelodge  lobby  room  pool
The cost of each ticket is $50.00 per person and can be purchased by calling the SOAR office at 905-697-3174 or by sending an email to info@soaracing.ca by March 9th.  


Time is running out – secure your race number for the upcoming 2013 season.

January 6, 2013 is the last day you can ensure you hold your race number for the upcoming 2013 racing season.   SOAR will be at the Motorcycle SuperShow at the  International Centre until 6pm taking renewal applications.  You can also complete your license renewal online and send to the SOAR office.  Don't forget the show special that is available when you renew and receive a free practice day to be used at any SOAR event for the 2013 season.

Registration for SOAR Round One on May 24-26, 2013 is open.  Entries are already trickling in.  Qualifying grids from Round one are determined by registration date.  Registration forms are available now.

Avoid disappointment – Secure your number now!



Spec Tire Class - Bridgestone Championship Cup
SOAR welcomes our new spec tire sponsorship for the next three years. RIPP  Racing and Bridgestone will be supporting SOAR riders with the  Bridgestone Championship Cup.

This will be a stand alone class  using existing Novice 600 Extreme rules with the addition of using the  Bridgestone R-10 Evolution DOT labelled tires

The payout on top of SOAR purse will be as follows:

1st place - 2 sets of tires
2nd place- 1 set of tires
3rd place- 1 rear tire
4th place- 1 front tire
5th place- $50 Bridgestone Certificate

All tires will be current stock R-10 paid out by Bridgestone through RIPP Racing.

All competitors will be required to display the Bridgestone “B”on both  sides of front fender. Also a Bridgestone decal on both sides of lower fairing/ or swing arm. Riders will be required to carry Bridgestone  leather patches on front and rear of leathers. RIPP racing will be  listed as a sponsor on entry forms. All decals available through RIPP  Racing. All patches available through Trackside Cuts.

All tires used must be purchased through RIPP Racing. The DOTs will be Med Rear/Soft  front combination. Rains will be E06Z Rear and E05Z Front.
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